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Craft and Sell

Heart & Hands Quilting

Computer Accessories


Not for members only, weekly tutorials posted and a whole host of goodies to help you become familiar with Paint Shop Pro

OE Stationery

This section has many free programs, such as Adlor's to download to help you manage and create email.  I do not have stationery strips available here, rather I strive to help you learn to create your own.

A Firefighter's Wish

Firefighter Tribute



16 pages of animations for your use.  Graphic intensive.

VP Chat Rooms

Listed below are pages of my own creation, made primarily for a VP, but could be classified as personal web pages.  


Alone in My Heart If I Didn't Have You Firefighter's Wish My Girl
Edge of Goodbye The Flame Cowboy Dreams Think About You
Living Inside Me I Found Love Bang & Blame I'll Be Your Wish
Faded Love Looking Thru Love's Eyes Sunset Dreams Roses For My Love
3D Lady Stand Here My Love Niagara Nights
Remember The Love Home for the Evening Memories Fireside Chat




Live Love Laugh

and most of all

Smile :)